Google Chrome Delivers Free Inflight Wi-Fi for Holidays


Not too long ago if you were up in the sky’s flying you wouldn’t have been able to use your laptop, tablet or smartphone until your plane reached its destination and touched down, these days though Wi-Fi enables the use to remain connected whilst in flight.Now during the upcoming festive season there are those that will travel on a domestic flight and want to stay in touch with their families and friends, so according to the official Google Blog, the Chrome team have teamed with Virgin America, AirTran and Delta to bring a bit in in-flight festive cheer.That festive cheer will come in the form of free Google Inflight Wi-Fi on all domestic flights beginning the 20th of this month and right through until the 2nd of January 2011.This giveaway of free Wi-Fi follows respond the guys received after last years free holiday Wi-Fi program and thus they decided to do it again this year, so enjoy that free Wi-Fi whilst flying this holiday season.


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