World’s Tiniest Battery

the U.S based Sandia National Labs researcher who has invented a battery thinner than human hair – or in today’s record, the world’s thinnest battery. This lithium-based battery is so tiny that it was baked inside a transmission electron microscope. Huang says that doing it this way helped them figure out how such micro-batteries worked and bettered their understanding of how batteries worked in general. As those microscopic electrodes put together have a chance for significant improvements over what we’ve got now, they could be used in hybrid cars, laptops and cell-phones.


It’s good to hear about those scientists working on improving battery technology, rather than just the chip-makers constantly working to budget power consumption. Because let’s face it – we’re doing a lot more on our mobile devices than we were a decade ago; be it shooting hi-def video or using cell-phones as GPS navigation systems. All these things require more power; and with most smartphones measuring in the range of just 9 to 12 mm thickness, I doubt how many would trade back that slimness for better battery life. 


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