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Logitech Webcams Go HD


Includes 10, 8, 5, and 3 megapixel models


Logitech® HD web-cams

The masses may not have access to enough the bandwidth for HD video streaming yet, but that hasn’t stopped Logitech from rolling out its line of HD webcams. The HD Pro Webcam C910 is the flagship model in this range providing full-HD (1080p) video recording and HD (720p) video calling and one-click uploads to social networking websites.
The C910 has a pixel density of 10 megapixel and incorporates two microphones. The HD Webcam C510 has 8 megapixel and supports HD (720p) video calling and recording at the same resolution. It also incorporates 360-degree rotation.

Also on offer are lower resolution alternatives C310 (5 megapixel) and C270 (3 megapixel), which use lower bandwidth and make better sense if your primary use is video conferencing. HD Pro Webcam C910 is priced at Rs. 7,295, while HD Webcam C510 will be available for Rs. 2,995. HD Webcam C310 will retail for Rs 1,795 and the HD Webcam C270 for Rs. 1,695. These webcams are already available in India.

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