Netbooks Vs. Tablets – The Difference


Netbooks and tablet computers are completely different types of computer. Each computer type actually has the same goal, which is to ensure connectivity on the go and portability. You can get the connectivity while you are moving as long as you get free Wi-Fi access.

Netbooks are miniature laptops. They are available in the classic clamshell design where in you can fold in and out the screen which is connected to a keyboard. So, basically you have the keyboard at the bottom, while the display screen is on top. It has a battery on which it runs after the battery is charged. And, it is also slim in width with an antenna that can catch wireless signals while you are on the move. The only thing that a person has to get adjusted to when using a netbook is the size of the keyboard, which is smaller than the standard keyboard.

On the other hand, tablets are all screen. They do not have a keyboard or a mouse. All inputs are done through touch controls. While it can be fun to use the touch facility of a tablet, it has its limitations. Things like reading e-books, playing games or surfing the Internet is quite easy, but writing a word document or inputting data into a spreadsheet can become quite cumbersome.


Both, the netbook and tablet, cater to different types of users. Netbook is meant for a person who needs to conduct business or stay in touch with his office or home while he is on the move. The tablet PC is more for fun and for the casual user who wants to utilize its multimedia features and interaction that a normal computer cannot give.

Of course, it goes without saying that the netbook and tablet PC use a variety of web applications so that many tasks like uploading photographs, managing finances, writing letters, sending emails and drafting presentations are possible. However, you should make your selection based on whether you want to use the device for working seriously or for doing casual things.

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