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How to Disable Facebook Photo Theater in Chrome and Firefox

Previously when you used to click on an image in Facebook, you were taken to its Facebook page as follows


but now you view the enlarged photo popped in front of the page.


This “popping out” new feature is called “Photo Theater” and I, along with countless others, dislike Theater.

If you share the same opinion and use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, then you should follow the following steps to get back to viewing Facebook photos the old way.

For Google Chrome Users

In order to view Facebook photos the old way, Chrome users need to install a script called “.” This script can be found here. Just locate the green “Install” button and click on it. After the script is installed you can check and see that new Facebook photo viewing interface has been disabled.


For Mozilla Firefox Users

The steps for Firefox users are essentially the same as for Google Chrome users i.e. you need to install the same “Facebook Photo Theater Killer” script that can be gotten from here. But before that Firefox needs to have Greasemonkey – a Firefox add-on that lets Firefox run scripts like the one we need.


You can get Greasemonkey from here. Once you install Greasemonkey, you can install the abovementioned script to disable Photo Theater in Facebook.

Or you can also refresh the page to get the old view, but u have to the same every time which is very annoying.

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